Promise Land

Andy Shaw Band

THANKS! A big thanks to Chris, Jim, Mark, and Todd for all of their work in helping these tunes come to life! The Andy Shaw Band has always been about its community, its friends, and trying to create something different, and fresh inspired by the music we/I love. All of these amazing musicians were instrumental, and continue to be instrumental to that vision, and make the music on this album live!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and encouraged us through the years! We are grateful all of your love! credits released November 9, 2016

MUSICIANS Andy Shaw - Electric Guitar, Vocals Chris Shaw - Drums, Violin Jim Shaw - Organ, Keyboards, Accordion Mark Subel - Bass Guitar Todd Hamric - Keyboards, Piano Dale Alkula - Trombone Kevin O’Neill - Tenor Sax Chris Young - Trumpet Jane Voorhis - Cello

PRODUCTION Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Aaron Oakley All Songs Written by Andy Shaw Songs Arranged by Andy Shaw, Chris Shaw, Jim Shaw, Mark Subel, and Todd Hamric Produced by Andy Shaw, and Aaron Oakley Horns Arranged by Andy Shaw Strings Arranged by Andy Shaw and Chris Shaw Additional Engineering and Recording by Tony Rice, and Chad Loughrige

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