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Covid 19 Update

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time. The world has seemingly come to a stand still, and the music landscape has changed forever. Amongst many things, this means no shows for now, a different way of connecting with fans and friends, and a difficult realization that uncertainty is here to stay....For now. We hope this message finds you all staying healthy and encouraged, as we will keep making music, and playing shows that we feel are safe for us. In the meantime we appreciate any support you can show, from a happy instagram post, streaming us on Spotify, or even a small donation. Most of all we want to make sure everyone is staying encouraged, and know that the support we give each other is the biggest thing right now. If we can support you or your cause right now, let us know! Stay healthy, and we will see you as soon as we can!

Latest Release

Shaw's lyrics throughout the album are refreshingly genuine, intelligent, and introspective. Promise Land keeps a definitive theme throughout its five songs of reconciling the past with the acceptance of not being able to control the world around you. When many songwriters would struggle with these subjects, Shaw seems to draw from a literary well both effortlessly and honestly. ”

— Brian Swenk, Homegrown Music Network

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